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I deposited $20000 with GE Capital Bank for 1 year. I communicated with them that I wanted my funds not to auto renew on maturity before the maturity date and also sent them 3 different messages before maturity date. They auto renewed it anyways and when I called after one day after auto renewal, they deducted 104 $ as early withdrawal fee, which was half of the interest paid to me last year. It was so disappointing because I was a customer... Read more

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I received an email from a John Morrison at GE Capital. It read I was approved up to $10,000 with a monthly payment of $248 for 48 months beginning 60 days after I receive the loan. My credit is bad. I'm glad I did some investigating because now I know for a fact this is a scam! You should not have to send money to receive a loan. The whole point is that you're in need of money so it doesn't make sense why you would have to give money to get a... Read more

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Opened account in 12 /2004. closed it right away. It is on my credit report as purchased by another lender in 1/2016. This is crazy long time to put something on a credit report. I called several different #'s from Capital one & lord & taylor & they can't find me & want me to fix it saying they can't. I don't get it. Why wasn't it closed in 2005 when I asked since I don't go there anymore. Now it has lingered for 11 years & still no... Read more

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Had a experience with capital loan i was rip off too be ware of fraud it happen to me capital loan finance no such company fraud Add comment

So my fiancee filled out a loan application and we were called two days later from the number (209) 207-6613. Saying that we were approved For a loan of 10,000 dollars. But because my fiance didnt have good credit that they need us to send 260 dollars through money gram to them to prove that we can pay that ammount every month to pay back the loan. THAT IS ILLEGAL!!! IT IS AGAINST FEDERAL LAW FOR A LOAN COMPANY TO TRY AND RECIEVE MONEY FIRST TO... Read more

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Your Lowes department (Sychrony Bank) declared me dead which shut down all of my credit. I never received a call confirming this. After months of dealing with this, im no where closer to fixing this issue. Ive gone to an actual Lowes store and had the manager help. Nothing has worked. I have lost a car that i was trying to purchase and almost a house to this mess.your customer service is horrendous! even after i paid my card balance they... Read more

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GE Capital (GE Money) compares to Bank Of America - MONEY WHORES!! I had a credit card with them with a balance of less then $2,800.00 and they were charging me over $200.00 a month in interest alone and then my payment was $196.00 totaling $396.00!! I will NEVER do business with them again and I have told friends and family not to use them!!! I asked them to work with me and they basically laughed in my face!!! They they ruined my credit on top... Read more

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I myself was also contacted by Alex Martin who didn't just send me 1,2, or 3 letters saying I was approved for 5,000. He also asked for 500.00 plus another 400.00 in funds. I sent everything and was told it would be in my account. This was yesterday afternoon. He had already posted a letter saying it would be in a few days earlier but then gave me more BS. about needing extra funds. I did all he asked me to do and still nothing. I'm sure I won't... Read more

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Harassing phone calls.calling from many different numbers.none are legit.10+calls a day.I have asked these idiots to stop calling me numerous times.indian men with no one wants your business. Add comment

I applied for an online loan and received an email back from GE Capital. The letter stated I was approved for a loan of $5000.00 and was signed by a John Morrison. I called the phone number provided (above) and an Indian Male, identified himself as Mr. Morrison. After speaking with him he already had my bank information, and personal information on hand. Likely, he had me go to a Western Union and send $161.00 as a "test" for my bank... Read more

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