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I recently opened an account with CareCredit to take care of an emergency dental bill, at the suggestion of my dentist office. It was explained to me like this: "If you use CareCredit, then you'll have a year to pay off the bill, and as long as you pay it off in one year, there's no interest." It was easy to open the account.

They paid my dental bill. All good so far. But because the laws have changed regarding "one year same as cash" accounts, something I was NOT aware of, I did not pay a monthly payment (which is now required due to the changes in the laws governing this type of loan). GE Capital immediately began hitting my credit report, and after 3 months, when I sent in a huge first payment (thinking I still had 9 months to pay this off), I learned that they had 5 negative reports already filed with the credit agencies.

When I called them, they said the account was current. When I asked them if they could remove the derogatory remarks, they said "no, we don't ever do that". So, my account is current, it will be paid off well before a year is up (as soon as I get my first bonus), yet they caused my credit rating to drop 100 points, and they couldn't give a *** less. DO NOT USE CARECREDIT OR GE CAPITAL FOR ANYTHING UNLESS YOU WANT THEM TO HAMMER YOUR CREDIT RATING.

Let's face it. The only people that will have to use a credit service like this are those of us who are without the ability to pay some emergency tab, and have to put it on credit. From my experience, I will never, never, never use their services again. I had a credit card.

I could have used that.

I only used these guys because they supposedly allowed one year same as cash, but since that's a thing of the past, and I didn't know it, they've ruined my credit (720 down to 620). DON'T USE THESE GUYS FOR ANYTHING.

Review about: Ge Capital Loan.

Monetary Loss: $2750.

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so far, so good, i am the kind of low score new taxpayer earner person who does not yet qualify for unsecured cards, however I have been able to get a whole bunch of things i needed using GE cards at various stores and businesses and so far have had no problems whatsoever and have abided by or exceeded all requirements and responsibilities.

Do not know what you guys are doing.

It's like the employee who gets fired for repeatedly being late... then complains that its not fair and i was good at my job, no dude, you was late, dont care how good, u was late. at the end of the day, they dont care if u log 50 hours at work if you cannot show up there on-time every day. show up at noon and work 12 hours until midnight, see how many companies will keep you for how long...

this is the same. you need to follow the requirements of SOMEONE ELSES MONEY lent to you as a favor in regards to your good credit standing!


I pay all my bills on time and I am paying this creditor off as well. Even so, I must agree that, by far, this creditor has been the worst I've ever worked with.

They've made many mistakes, costing me much frustration. Had I seen the reviews on them before, I too, would have never used them. Just pay them off - call it a lessoned learned...I had one guy start to yell at me because he couldn't understand me. He's lucky I don't report them.

I just want to be rid of them. Take a deep breath, pay them off and do your research next time.

I know how you feel. Best on smoothing things out.


Another person who does not take responsibility for their own mistakes. It's always someone else's fault.

Dude, you signed up for a credit card and didn't bother to read the requirements. That's on you.

I use CareCredit all the time and never had a problem.

to Chris #579251

your time will come


Most have a minimum payment due EVERY month. Guess you should of looked at your statement better.

It would of stated the minimum payment.

It's your fault not Care Credit. Stop blaming others for your ignorance.

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