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I recently was told by ge-zurich that i would be paid for my washing machine that could not be repaired.

every time i call their consumer relations to see where

my money is for my new washer know one that works there knows what the *** i,m talking about they have

all the imformation and my extended warranty. but they keep comeing up with different excuses every time i call.they told me i would have to send them a

letter statejng that i would use the money to buy another washing machine before they would send me a

my money from my warranty this is a bunch of *** i

spent good money for this extended warranty and have been treated like *** by ge-zurich i would never advise anybody to buy their extended warranty

save the money and just go buy another washer not anything to do with ge-zurich these are the most

inconsiderate people i have ever dealt with.


Monetary Loss: $359.

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